Top Internet Reputation Defamation Attorneys

Having a good defamation attorney can make your case.  More and more online reputation management companies are partnering with attorneys that specialize in copyright law and defamation removal to get negative posts and bad reviews removed from Google Search.

Calling legal defamation defenders is typically the last resort for a reputation management company that’s tried every other method to get rid of the negative search results.  Only within the past few years has a legal defamation defense been added to the long list of tactics and tools that the top ORM companies use to control search results.

Top defamation lawyers typically have thousands of hours of experience dealing with defamation.  More and more, the defamation cases that these attorneys take on are related to defamatory content, often in the form of false reviews or statements of revenge, being posted online.

When it comes to internet defamation attorney, it takes more than just decades of experience to be the best; it takes connections, connections that carry major legal weight.  Usually these connections come in the form of respected judges.  For any attorney hoping to excel as a defamation reputation defender, making such a connection is all important.

If it’s not already clear to you why befriending a few respected judges that routinely oversee defamation cases is all important for internet reputation defamation attorneys, we’ll have time to get into further detail about that in later posts.  For now, it’s enough to know simply that the best lawyers to defend your internet reputation against defamation are usually the ones that have a high level of seniority and experience and have connections with at least one judge that tends to lean his or her way, in every case.


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