Wrongful Termination in San Mateo

Wrongful termination in San Mateo is a growing issue.  However, should you be unfortunate enough to encounter a situation along these lines, wrongful termination San Mateo lawyers are currently standing by waiting for your phone call?  A wrongful termination San Mateo claim is not the outcome any employee goes to work envisioning, but knowing your rights and knowing that they can be protected is far better than not knowing.  Being wrongfully terminated in San Mateo is illegal, whether it be for discriminatory reasons or otherwise, and wrongful termination San Mateo employment law lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates are ready to help you now!

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San Mateo Retaliation and Wrongful termination Attorneys

Sonja Oehler, a former administrative specialist at the State Bar of California, has claimed that she was wrongfully terminated because of that fact that she knew of deceit, deception, incompetence, and the falsification of issues taking place at the State Bar.  This is retaliatory wrongful termination, a wrongful termination claim San Mateo regularly recognizes.  Instead of cleaning up their act, Ms. Oehler claims that the State Bar simply got rid of her, the employee who would not keep their secret.  Thus began Ms. Oehler’s wrongful termination experience, one which our own wrongful termination San Mateo employment attorneys could handle with ease!

Ms. Oehler has claimed that she has knowledge of a director of the State Bar going to San Francisco for a three-hour hearing, but who then asked the Bar to pay the bill for his four-day stay at the Palace Hotel.  Further, she claimed that she had denied claims for reimbursement (rightly), which were later paid out of state bar funds anyway.  When she voiced concern, she was terminated, a wrongful termination claim San Mateo Stephen Danz & Associates attorneys would happily take up the cause for.  Ms. Oehler has responded to her employer’s illegal behavior by filing a $15 million lawsuit against them.  She has demanded $10 million due to financial losses, as well as $5 million for the State Bar’s intentional infliction of emotional distress.

At Stephen Danz & Associates, we have extensive experience dealing with retaliation and wrongful termination San Mateo claims.  If you think that your rights may have been violated, or if you know someone who may have a wrongful termination San Mateo claim, immediate action is imperative.  Wrongful termination San Mateo employment law claims protect the employees across the county, and across the state of California more broadly.  Ensure that your rights are protected today!


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